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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Aladdin movie Trailer : break down full details, cast name hollywood disney movei

          Disney movie Aladin

Hello Friends, Today we are going to talk about Aladdin Movie's official trailer Which is now released from the side of disney So let's know what's special in this trailer?

Disney movie Aladin

Because of this, people will be more excited to watch this movie, or not, before  go ahead, a little spoiler is made because here I am also going to discuss  about the story of how much of the changes were made in it. In comparison to the old animated movie Aladin, because many people had earlier said that compared to the story in the film and the old animated film will not make any difference.

Even the film shot would have been copied framed by frame, but it is not. that this issue is Not only going on with the disney of the Aladdin movie, because apart from the Aladdin film, there are two other Disney films  released, one of which is Dumbo And the second is lion king. And both of these films are also remakes of classic animated films which have been made in live action instead of 2D.

new disney movie aladdin

So now let's talk about Aladdin because there is a lot of talk about this film right now whether it was the talk of Wills Smith's gennie or the other casting of the film was being pointed fingers at all that the casting department did not do it right and those people made the Aladdin movie a mess.

New movie Aladin

But now the trailer that has been released is of the film, I think all those people have been mouth shut. because the comparison was done before the wills Smith and animated movie voice actor Robin Williams. That Disney has made a very big mistake by casting wills smith in this movie, and the way the legend voice was given by Robin William to the animated movie Gennie, which people still remember, so people probably did not want to see the wills smith.

Then there was a magazine release from the Disney.
magazine in which wills smith we do not see in blue color
Which is the role of gennie.

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