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Monday, 18 March 2019

Avenger Endgame First Look At Thanos & Breakdown (Explain in English)

Avenger Endgame First Look At Thanos & Breakdown (Explain in English)

Hello friend 

So, today we are going to talk about the cover of the Avengers Endgame, released by Empire Magazine. The cover in which we have seen the thanos.

well so let's see what's special in this cover And this cover gives the hint relayed by the Avengers Endgame Movie.

Avenger endgame first look at thanos

And I will also give you a spoiler warning here. Because I will talk about Infinity War movie here too. Which is probably an spoiler.

So Friends the first thing that everyone has asked me in this cover. How is Thanos so fine in this magazine cover.
Even thanos has Infinity gauntlet too.
Whose condition is absolutely fine in this cover. Well, the direct answer for them is that this cover is made for promoting the Avangers Endgame Movie. But the Thanos we can see in it is not actually the plus of the endgame.
Yes, this scene has happened when we saw Thanos and Hulk fighting a major fight in Infiniti War. I.e. the endgame movie's start scene. So all of you would say that if this scene is of that time then here on the infinity gauntlet, where all Infinity Stone came from.

Avenger Endgame First Look At Thanos & Breakdown (Explain in English)

So as I said it is a market strategy.
According to that, the film is being promoted. So that people do not feel that the film has been spoiled for them from MCU. Because you all know how much hipe of the film. And since people have watched Infinity War films.
They told the story according to their own people.

Avenger endgame first look at thanos

What will the endgame be in. That's why no one here will get the related spoiler from this movie. And Similar condition is the second cover of empire magazine.

The other theory has been created by fans by this cover of empire magazine.
As it is the second version of Thanos.
Who has come to stop our avangars by time travel. And this theory did not stop here. And fans also said that this thanos has been sent by none other Future Thanos. Because both the Thanos and Infinity Gauntlett in the End of Infinity War movie were very bad. And now thanos need time so that he can heal himself. So that our avengers do not spoil his retirement. But this theory is not looking so strong. But people are talking too much about it.


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