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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Avenger:Endgame Trailer 2 Breakdown in English Full details

Avenger:Endgame Trailer 2 Breakdown

Friends,  we are going to extract all the details from the trailer of the Avangers Endgame, 

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In just 1 minute of the so-called Friends trailer, it's been told how our superheroes are handling themselves.
First of all, we have been shown to Tony Stark.
Which are saying that it seems that a lot of years have passed since where Tony Stark had saved himself alive from that cave and then become tony stark Iron Man. And then Tony Stark's say I love you to paper, after which it was a promise that both Tony Stark will not give any surprise to the paper.

Here Tony Stark is talking about the same discussion that was seen in the start of Infinity War, where the paper explains to Tony Stark that he should also start a normal life. Because the responsibility of saving the world is not taken by tony only.  And then Tony promise to the paper.


After which there is entry of the doctor strange. And then Tony Stark talks paper about completing another last mission here. After which Tony Stark never came back to Earth.

That is, Tony is hoping now that he should reach the right place Go back and see if the paper is okay or not.
That is, Tony Stark will no longer do any work without asking paper, which does not like the paper.
By one calculation we can also assume that Tony Stark retires after this. With this dialogue from Tony Stark, we understand that Tony Stark is truly thinking of retiring.

But when Tony Stark arrives on Earth, he will know that the condition on the earth is too bad. Because here even half of the world has been killed half of the populations. That is, Tony Stark will have to finish this mission even when he does not want to. But the photo of the paper is not shown anywhere in the whole movie and trailer. And as many Tony Stark's dialogues have said, his lock has been recorded on his iron man's helmet.

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