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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

HELL BOY : TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN & EASTER EGGS (explained in english)

 HELL BOY : TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN & EASTER EGGS (explained in english)

Hello friends So today we talk about the Helboy film's second trailer. Which is much better than the first trailer. So what are the details of this movie which is revealed by looking at this trailer.

So, much focus has been on King Arthur's story line in this film, but it is certain that the story line of the film will not have been fully edited by the comic book.

Hell boy 

Because all of you will know if the comic book itself is copied and pasted the film story, then the comic book fan will be upset even here and the fan also is far from the comic book because those people of the comic book screaming The whole story will tell why whenever the story line of the movie is taken from the comic books, then I have made a lot of changes so that no one can take the story line of the film. So no one can guess the actual story of what is the real story of the film, but here I clarify that for those people, only those who think that comic book work in outside countries is just marvel and dc And people often ask that hell boy film is of DC comic or marble comic. So for those people, the answer is that the film is not relayed from these two companies, it is a separate company that is Dark horse.

And talk about the story of this movie from Hellboy movie that has been selected from the comic of the helboy, the answer is Helboy Volume One whose title is The Wild Hunt and this comic book was published on 5 March 2010.

So let's talk about the comic book's story.
Blood queen is shown in the comic book. The people who have been killed by King Arthur. And now a lot of years have passed. And here are some of the witches who want the Blood Queen to come back. And they start looking for pieces of his body to make the Blood Queen alive. So that they could resurrect the blood queen by keeping the pieces in one place. And those people are successful. So now Blood Queen needs a strong support in this So that this kind of incidence could not be repeated with blood queen. So the name comes out here is hell boy. And those people want hell boy to become the king of the blood queen, because he belong to the hells Who guards the gate of hell.

And now it is also in the earth and in such a way that if blood queen gets helboy's support then no one can beat the blood queen By fulfilling his purpose.
But the hell boys do not want anything like this. Because since he was small he has stayed here ever since. And now he knows how to live in the world. And many people hate him and some people also love him. And that's why the Hellboy does not want it to be accompanied by bloody queen. But whatever comes in front of the blood queen has to die.

And from this hell boy may have to face a lot of troubles and that's why he finds the sword of King arthur Whereby the blood queen was killed earlier. And in the film also we will be seen in a similar story.

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