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Monday, 25 March 2019

New hollywood animated film (wonder park ) full details inside

New hollywood animated movie wonder park

so friends Everyone knows that the wonder park movie is an animated movie that you can see with your whole family but then when you have more children in your family, because this film is only for boys and only 8 to 10 years old Likes Colors are good enough.
And if teenagers or elderly people went to see this movie with children. So they will be bored while watching the whole movie. Yes, this movie is so boring. That is to say, only children will like this movie.
Because there is no such message in this movie for Adult The message that touches our heart. Because all of you know that animated film is made in today's date by keeping big and children in mind. So that children also enjoy this movie and older people also take a good message in this movie. But there will not be any such thing in this movie. Because this movie really does bore you a lot. And if the matter of the film's animation level is concerned, the film's animation is not as unique. Even the story of the movie is not so special. Because in the trailer you saw that there is a girl named Jun, who can make anything from her imagination Because that's what her mother said so. By the same imagination, She goes to the park near her house And joins her with her Imagination Wonder Park Because when she plays in the backyard of her house, her nehbor is in trouble. And now what will happen in the film and what is the intention of Zanbees, if you have to watch this movie then you can go with your children to see this movie And if you are alone and want to pass the time, then do not look at this movie and look at other movies besides this.

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