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Sunday, 3 March 2019

New hollywood movies 'HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3' full explanation's

Today we are going to talk here about how to Train to Your Dragon Part 3 movie....

So everything in this movie has changed.
Like this movie Lead Actor Hiccup looks, At the beginning of the trailer we can see That he's just matured, But middle of the trailer he is shown as the first Hiccup.
It is possible that Hiccup' is going to tell about the hidden world story in this film.

Our Story had changed the whole world How that thing we have seen in the first and second part.Because when the first part came, it was shown in the first That they prey on dragon.But Hiccup' made friends with Toothless and told it The dragon does not want anyone to have a heart.
They also want to be like humans and other animals in the world That thing you may have come to know because you must have seen the first and second part. So, now in the growing second scene. So the Dragon Festival is going to be the first time in Hiccup's Town And in the meantime we see gobler So he also going to enjoy this festival here.
And then we can see that the toothless is heard somewhat. When he pursues it, then he will have his soul mate lite fury there.
So as shown in the First Look, the toothless is black and the light fury is white, That is exactly opposite.But when this thing says Astrid then light fiery gets to know And she disappears from there.
That is, they have been teleported to another place.Yes, now Dragon has the power to have teleport.
Then in the next scene, we can see Astrid and hiccop are looking for lightstrom
And finding her to find both the Hidden World This means that this world is just for the dragon Which is completely hidden from other people. And we can see the Dragon's eggs there too.
And in the next scene, you can see that toothless trying to impress the light fury.
And its effort is good and the light strom is impressed somewhere.
And the look of light fury in the film has been taken quite well and is looking cute too.

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