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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Spider-man universe new planned by sony picture? What is the plan( Full detail inside )

     Spider man universe planning

Hello friends so today we are talking about sony picture plannings. What is the studio planning for the spider-man's Universe.

So let's look at all the details.

Spider man universe

So, Friends, as you all know, Sony Pictures is planning to create a separate Universe with Spider-Man.
But here's the problem now that there are many characters in Spider-Man's Universe who do not even know the details of their own fan.

Spider man universe

Here on behalf of Sony Pictures, Tony Vinciquerra has told that the spider-man has a total 900 character in the universe.
And the entire 900 character of this universe is with the rights sony picture and now here on behalf of Sony Pictures, Tony has also said in the interviews of varieties.

That Spider-Man is planning to create a separate universe, it is not related to the Universe film because the movie related to the Universe has already started making by Sony Pictures. Here's the point of making a web series or a television series.

But yes, Tony has not confirmed the fact that Sony Pictures will launch the streaming service on its own, or all of them will be the web series or TV show of all the characters Here, on which channel it will be shown, surely there must have been some planning from Sony Pictures. Whose details have not been given here by Tony but they have mentioned one thing that the spider-man's Universe is being prepared to show on television in a different way.
Which will last for approximately 7 to 8 years, will also benefit a lot for Fan because they will know the universe of spider-man from even more detail, it shows that from 7 to 8 years the spider-man's Universe Right of Sony Pictures will remain.
spider man universe

And when the system of copyright is over, then we will have to see the spider-man in the universe of MCU, with all its characters, which is still not possible right now.

So what is your opinion?  You will definitely tell you by commenting that the decision that is being taken from Sony is right or wrong about the universe of Spider-Man.

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