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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Top 5 best hollywood movies of 2018 !!

Top 5 hollywood movies of 2018

Hello guys So today we are going to talk about Hollywood's Best 5 Movies of 2018. Well all of us have seen many Hollywood movies in 2018 but many of them were sequels and awaited movies.

new hollywood movie ;

Well many people are excited about marvel movies in our country The direct example of which we saw in 2018 was avenger Infinity War But in Hollywood there are many other movies except the marvel which have hit Super Dopies in 2018. But if you have seen so many super-duper hits in Hollywood in 2018, but if the top five of them is to choose, then we have shown you here by selecting the top five. And if we have missed a favorite movie yours in this top five, we apologize for that. In this list, we have taken the movie which was also in Hindi.

So lets started Top 5 hollywood movies in 2018

1) avenger infinity war :

Avenger infinty war

The more people who were excited about this movie, the movie has fulfilled the expectations of those people. This movie is based on Marvel Comics character Avenger. Who was directed by russo brother. Well, as much as you talk about this movie is because the film has made a lot of fans.
And people who are waiting for the marble movies are very much loved by people.

2) mission impossible fallout :

Mission impossible fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout is a Spy Thriller Action Movie Coming In 2018 Which was directed by Christopher Micquarry.
He also directed the fifth part of the film before this movie This film, which came in 2015, is the 6th film of the Mission Impossible series.

3) a quite place :

A quite place

A Quiet Place was a horror movie coming in 2018 Which is directed by John Krasinski. John Krasinski did a very good role play in addition to directing. Apart from this, the film's actress Emily Blunt has done a great deal of acting. And together with the two children in the character of the ragon and Marcos, they have a lot of good acting. The story of the film begins with 2020, in which a mysterious monster attacks our world Because of which almost all human populations end up But some people are saved And those people are also involved in this family. And the movie which is shown in this movie is quite different, because this monster does not show anything but its power of hearing is quite high. This film, made in a very low budget, did a lot of collection in the box office. And the film also received a very good rating from Critics. This movie was rated by IMDB rating of 7.6 out of 10. And the same movie got a rating of 95% out of 100 in Rotten Tomato

4)black panther :

Black panther

The Black Panther film is based on the same character of the Marvel comic Which was directed by rayan coogler. And it would not be wrong to say that this film is the best movie of his career. The lead role of the film is chadwick boseman who has done a great acting Especially his look and action and the character of King whom he has played very well.

5) Aquaman :


Aqua Man was a superhero movie coming in 2018. Which is based on the same name of DC Comics. Jason Mamoa was on the lead role of this movie. Talk about aqua man's character since when people saw the aqua man's dangerous action in the Justice League Since then people have become the most fan of this character.
And when this film was released in December 2018, people enjoyed it quite a lot and they found this film very good.
Because everything in the film is action horror suspense all this stuff was in this movie and this movie used to represent a different world.

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