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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Top 5 hollywood movies of april 2019 !!

Top 5 hollywood movies of april 2019

Hello Guys, so today we are  talking about the big Hollywood movies coming in 2019 which is about to be released in April. Well the month of April is special for a lot of people because this is the month that the fan of the marvel had been waiting for last 1 year. But do you know that this month and many big films are going to release this movie?

So let's see the top 5 Hollywood movies that are going to be released in April.

1) Avenger endgame :

Avenger endgame

Whom everyone is eagerly waiting for What will happen next? Because nothing has been shown in the trailer too that anyone knows about the story. But still there is one thing that has been shown in the trailer.
And that is that if you are cutting on the last day of your life and you are on the other planets several thousand kilometers away from your girlfriends, you still remember your girlfriends. Which is going to be released on April 26

2) Shazam :


Shazam a name that will make you a superhero. But if you are a child then only you will make a strong superhero. But if you are young then you can also make an old man. So now talk about the trailer so it is going to be the most different movie of DC movies. Which is going to entertain you a lot. Which will be released on April 5

3) Pet sematary :

Pet sematary

pet sematary is such a story that you will start feeling scared of cats. pet sematary is a place where if someone bury their pets in a ritual manner then they are alive again. And something like that happens with the charit family Which are new to this place. Their cat dies and they bury it in a pet sematary From where the cat comes back alive. But after what happens, your respiration will stop. There is a horrific scene in the trailer. Which are quite different. And this film is based in 1983, Stephen king pet sematary, before which the film has been made. So you can say either reboot it or even rebmake. Which will be released on April 5.

4) Hell boy :


Earlier this film was about to be a sequel to the Hellboy series. But when the studio did not call the first hell boy director Del Torro So the film's character ron also refused Now the studio thought we would report this series Doing so will reboot this hellboy movie Which will be rated R. Meaning that this film is R rated if children go to see the film, they will have to show an ID card. Which will be released on April 12

5) The curse of la llorona :

La llorona

the curse of la llorona is a super natural horror movie. It is said that this is a real story based movie. Now the people of Mexico know about how realistic this movie is based on. The story in this movie is a poor beautiful girl. Who marries his own wishes and becomes the mother of two children. After a few days, she feels that her husband does not love her as much as before And one day she sees her husband flirting with another girl. And after that la llorona throws both of his children into the river and killed herself
And after death, when She goes towards heaven, then God forbids him from the middle and tells him that unless he and his two children come with him, he will not get any place in the heaven or hell and he Will only wander on. Now la llorona is a dangerous witch on earth. Which always cries and hunt children. Because She sees his children in the children of others. And the danger increases when the child is alone and increases to a greater danger when a child is a girl and a child is a boy. So this was the story of this movie.

Which movie do you like most of the top five movies, please tell me by commenting.


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