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Monday, 22 April 2019

Box Office: This week's Avengers Endgame, estimates the opening of so many million in India

Box Office: This week's Avengers Endgame, estimates the opening of so many million in India

Publish Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 10: 46 AM (IST)

Box Office: This week's Avengers Endgame, estimates the opening of so many million in India

Box Office: This week's Avengers Endgame

Box Office: This week's Avengers Endgame

The Avengers Endgame Box Office Prediction is said to create Endgame costs ranging from $ 316 million to $ 350 million.

Mumbai . Foreign superheroes have always been crazy in India and the last time this film came in the Avengers Infinity War with a half dozen superheroes, this film has completely destroyed the box office in the world including India. This shocking story of Marvel Comics characters is now at its last stop.

Director Double i.e. Anthony and Rousseau are now coming up with Avengers Endgame. The film is being released in India on April 26. Although on this day there is a non-All India release like Family of Thakurganj and Tarpan but it will be open ground for this last episode of Avengers. And the trade pundits have also cleared that in India this film will demolish all records of major budget films that have taken place in the past few years.

The summer holidays of children after Exams will help them take their parents Papa up to the cinema, and due to this plus point, advance booking has also made one step towards breaking all records. There is also enthusiasm in the world including the Avengers Endgame, because it is the last battle of Marvel Supheroz against Thanos. Even this time, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Captain Marvel and Antony will all run together. This time you also like Robert Downey Jr. of Infinity War, Chris Evans, Mark Raphaello, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Stars like Rainer, Paul Rud, and Brie Larsen are coming out.

The film is being released on 2000 screens in India. However, considering the curiosity of the film's advance booking starting in India, the Accelerators have emphasized on the English and English languages ​​besides English, Hindi, Tamil and Avengers Endgame. Telugu language will also be released. is. Advance booking around Avengers Endgame is so high that tickets up to $ 10,000 are sold on e-bay. There is no official figure on the budget of this movie, but it is being said that the cost of making Endgame has come from $ 316 million to $ 350 million.

It is believed that this movie will earn Rs 300 crore in India for the rest of the year because the film will get an open ground for two weeks before the arrival of the student of the year 2, the first day is estimated to earn 35 to 40 million rupees Is l

The Avengers Infinity War took Opening with 31 million and 30 million. Then it was released in more than 2000 screens in India, out of which about 1,000 thousand theaters were released in the Hindi version of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The film had a collection of 94 crores 30 lacs and a total of 227 crores 43 lacs in the first weekend.

So far in India, there is such an account of the earnings of Hollywood films -

  • Jungle Book - 187.40 crores

  • Fast and the Furious 7 - 108 crore

  • Jurassic World - 101 Crore

  • Fate of the Furious - 86.23 crores

  • Avengers The Age of Ultron - 80 Crore

Avengers Endgame is a direct sequel to Avengers Infinity War, as well as the last part of the entire series on Marvel Comics characters, including Marvelous The Avengers and Avengers's Age of Ultrone. The film is being released today in Los Angeles on April 22, and then every day in the different countries of the world, the Worldwide Opening Prediction of the film has already been given $ 900 million i.e. 6200 crores Avengers Infinity War 640 Million dollar i.e. 4400 crores was opened. The film made a record by earning $ 2 billion.

Previously, World Wide The Fate of the Furious ($ 541.9 million), The Force Awakens ($ 529 million), Jurassic World (525.5 million dollars) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 ($ 483.2 million) on Opening Day Other records made in Marvel Studios include The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Panther, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Civil War, which also performed a bomber and the group's first lady superhero film Captain Marvel gave a billion dollar Monetize history was created.

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