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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Rabert downey some unknown story!!

Robert downey some unknown story!! 

Rabert downey some unknown story!!
      Rabert downey some unknown story!! 

Robert Downey, a famous Hollywood actor who enjoyed great love from the public in America, in our India, he got many fan base. He is an actor who has prepared a new project for India. Robert Downey Jr. has seen many fluctuations in his life today after seeing the peak of today's success today, the sucess he is on today will get the same fame. To get the same success today, people can only imagine it. One such time was that Robert. has been convicted for several days in prison. I am going to tell you some unknown things related to Robot Downey, which you hardly know, Robert Downey Jr. was born on 4th April 1965 (america manhetain).In 2001, Robert Downey was also sentenced to prison in prison; there was an actor like his father Robot Downey, a producer and director and screenwriter. His father was half Russian and if more Iranian was to be talked about his mother, then his Mother ALCEE was an actor, she belonged to a German and Scottish family, that is, we can say that the actor's art was in the blood of Robert Downey, he was a prosperous family in America. He used to work slowly, and under his steps, you used to wear Robert Downey's father, but at the age of 6, got into the addiction of DRUG & ALCOHO as the robot was big By the way, due to his involvement with the film family, he started consuming drug and alcohol, the robert film career started, he started acting in the world of acting at the age of 5. His debut came in 1970.film name pound.After 2 years of this film, he came in 1972 and again appeared in the Girijesh Palace, when he was 10 years old, to see his Classical Balee

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