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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tamil Nadu Muslim League Demands Ban on PUBG, Accuses Game of Offending Islamic Sentiments

The prevalent multiplayer online computer game PUBG got reaction from the Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML) after they affirmed the round of harming religious slants Muslims. 

Pubg mobile ban
Pubg mobile ban

The Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML) recorded an objection in the Chennai Police Commissioner s Office requesting a prohibition on the well known online multiplayer game Player Unknown s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The association affirmed that the game damages the religious suppositions of Muslims over the globe. 

The grumbling enrolled on June 3 expressed that the ongoing update in the prevalent game created scene and outrage among the worldwide Islam people group, like web based amusements like Blue Whale Challenge that prompted suicides of understudies, as it depicts a picture looking like the Holy spot Kaaba and portrays it in a terrible light. 

Kaaba is a sacrosanct structure at the focal point of the Great Mosque, which is situated in Islam s most significant city of Mecca. 

A video was circled on texting stages by an online life page Kashmir Islamic alongside the duplicate of the grievance. 

The video asserted that the Anniversary Edition of the PUBG computer game on March 29, 2019, highlights a picture of the Holy Kaaba, which shows up at the player s foot level and that shots are discharged upon it. It said that the game was slighting a blessed site where crores of individuals visit to offer petition. 

The video asked dedicated Muslims to begin a crusade to Boycott PUBG by erasing the game, revealing it, sharing the video and getting the message out about how the game that abuse Islamic religious feelings. The video highlighted inscriptions, for example, #BanPUBG , True Muslim would t be able to live without erasing it and Stop PUBG .

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