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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tamil Nadu Muslim League Demands Ban on PUBG, Accuses Game of Offending Islamic Sentiments

June 04, 2019 0
Tamil Nadu Muslim League Demands Ban on PUBG, Accuses Game of Offending Islamic Sentiments
The prevalent multiplayer online computer game PUBG got reaction from the Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML) after they affirmed the round of harming religious slants Muslims. 

Pubg mobile ban
Pubg mobile ban

The Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML) recorded an objection in the Chennai Police Commissioner s Office requesting a prohibition on the well known online multiplayer game Player Unknown s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The association affirmed that the game damages the religious suppositions of Muslims over the globe. 

The grumbling enrolled on June 3 expressed that the ongoing update in the prevalent game created scene and outrage among the worldwide Islam people group, like web based amusements like Blue Whale Challenge that prompted suicides of understudies, as it depicts a picture looking like the Holy spot Kaaba and portrays it in a terrible light. 

Kaaba is a sacrosanct structure at the focal point of the Great Mosque, which is situated in Islam s most significant city of Mecca. 

A video was circled on texting stages by an online life page Kashmir Islamic alongside the duplicate of the grievance. 

The video asserted that the Anniversary Edition of the PUBG computer game on March 29, 2019, highlights a picture of the Holy Kaaba, which shows up at the player s foot level and that shots are discharged upon it. It said that the game was slighting a blessed site where crores of individuals visit to offer petition. 

The video asked dedicated Muslims to begin a crusade to Boycott PUBG by erasing the game, revealing it, sharing the video and getting the message out about how the game that abuse Islamic religious feelings. The video highlighted inscriptions, for example, #BanPUBG , True Muslim would t be able to live without erasing it and Stop PUBG .

Sunday, 2 June 2019

A 16-year-old kid, Furkan Qureshi in Neemuch District, Madhya Pradesh, passed on while playing PUBG for 6 hours ceaselessly

June 02, 2019 0
A 16-year-old kid, Furkan Qureshi in Neemuch District, Madhya Pradesh, passed on while playing PUBG for 6 hours ceaselessly
A 16-year-old kid, Furkan Qureshi in Neemuch District, Madhya Pradesh, passed on while playing PUBG for 6 hours ceaselessly, because of heart failure on Tuesday, 28 May, revealed The Week. 

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

As indicated by his family, Furkan was dependent on diversions and used to play PUBG regularly for quite a long time. On Tuesday, he began making the appearance on his telephone after lunch and crumbled at night. 

Afterward, he was hurried to an adjacent medical clinic, where the specialist announced him dead, Dr, Ashok Jain, the cardiologist who went to him stated, "He was brought without heartbeat. We endeavored to revive him however we proved unable." 

Harun Rashid Qureshi, the dad of unfortunate casualty said that he was disturbed and shouting uproariously, at that point out of the blue he crumbled on the floor while making the appearance. 

Multiplayer Game With Live Talk 

The perished sister, Fiza Qureshi, who was sitting adjacent to him when he crumbled, said that "My sibling was playing PUBG with a portion of his companions. All of a sudden, he began yelling 'complete the blast..carry out impact'. At that point he tossed his headphones and versatile and cried saying "I won't play with you'. I lost the game as a result of you." 

Furkan's family said that he was a decent swimmer, and didn't have any past heart related complexities. The fervor of the game while playing presumably prompted a flood in adrenaline causing tachycardia (expanded pulse) and further a heart failure. 

His sibling, Mohammad Hashim, included, "He was such a someone who is addicted to PUBG, that regularly he proceeds to make the showing for 18 hours". Mohammad Hashim has now erased PUBG from his cell phone after the passing of his sibling. 

Chicken Dinner 

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, regularly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer fight game, where a player executes different players, so as to have a chicken supper. This addictive game has more than 120 million clients in India, and offers them the chance to take an interest in virtual war like clash and gives them moment satisfaction. With an unexpected surge of adrenaline, "Chicken supper" makes the game hard to hold back and stand up to. 

Spots Where PUBG Has Been Banned 

In April, a class tenth kid from Telangana ended it all when his folks solicited him to examine rather from playing PUBG. As of late, Nepal prohibited the game, refering to it to be destructive and addictive. In India, Municipal Corporation of Surat, Rajkot, and Vadodara have prohibited PUBG in their purviews. Since the boycott became effective, in excess of 15 FIRs were enrolled. A portion of the players were even captured however later discharged on safeguard. 

In an ongoing report, distributed by World Health Organization, it was announced that gaming issue is in fact a thing and compulsion can prompt mental issue. In any case, the main problem here ought not be prohibiting the game itself, yet additionally control and screen the addictive conduct and guarantee the youngster's psychological prosperity.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215, 4 Indians included in the dead

April 21, 2019 0
Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215, 4 Indians included in the dead

Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215, 4 Indians included in the dead

During Easter, many areas of Colombo and Sri Lanka were blamed for bomb blasts. These blasts took place in three churches and three five star hotels. In view of this, curfew has been imposed throughout the country.
In many places in Reykjavik (Reuters) bombs (Reuters) in many places in Sri Lanka
publish on 22 April 2019 11:28 IST

Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215, 4 Indians included in the dead
Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215, 4 Indians included in the dead

In many areas of Sri Lanka, there are 8 bomb blasts during Easter. The explosion occurred in three churches and 4 hotels. The death toll in the incident has risen to 215. At the same time, according to the latest figures, the number of the injured is being reported more than 500. Among the dead are 35 foreigners. The police said that a church in St. Anthony Church in Colombo, St. Sebastian Church in Nogombo and a church in Batticaloa were targeted. Apart from this, there has been a blast in Hotel Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury.

Death toll in Sri Lanka blasts reached 215

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that I have just spoken to Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Tilak Marpan. They have confirmed the incident. According to Sushma Swaraj, the Indian High Commission in Colombo has informed that National Hospital has informed them about the deaths of three Indian nationals in the Sunday bomb blasts. The deceased Indians are being named Lakshmi, Narayan Chandrashekhar and Ramesh.

At the same time, the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarai, has informed that among those killed in the blast, one woman from Kerala is also included. He said that steps are being taken to bring the dead body of 58-year-old PS Rasina, resident of Kasargod, as soon as possible.

The Kerala government has formed a medical team to assist Sri Lankan serial blasts victims. On the instructions of CM Pinarai Vijayan, the State Health Ministry has formed this medical team of 15 experts to assist Sri Lanka.

Significantly, before that Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had said that I have assured the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister that India is ready to provide all kind of humanitarian assistance. If needed, then we are ready to send our medical teams.

Let us know that curfew has already been imposed in the country before Sunday evening which will continue till next order. Along with this, security forces have been ordered to stay on high alert for the next 10 days. On the social media platform, there has been a ban with immediate effect. The security official said that he suspects that two churches have been exploded by suicide bombers. According to officials, there are 35 foreign nationals who were killed, but their citizenship is not known for the time being. The matter of arrest of seven accused has come to light in the case.

Srilankan PM condemns

Srilankan Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe said that I strongly condemn cowardly attacks on our people today. In this tragic time, I urge all Sri Lankans to be united and strong. Please avoid the propaganda of speculation. The government is taking immediate action to stop this situation.

The number of dead is continuously rising in the blast. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe has convened an emergency meeting. Sri Lanka's Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Harsha D'Silva said that the horrific scene. The emergency teams are in all places with full force. We took many injured to the hospital. Hopefully many people will have lost their lives. At the same time the army has deployed 200 soldiers to the area.
Sri Lankan President Maitripala Sirisena has appealed to people to maintain peace. He also appealed to people to cooperate in the investigation. The President has ordered officials to investigate and find the attackers.

President Kovind condemned

President Ramnath Kovind has condemned the Sri Lanka attack. He said that India condemns the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and provides its condolences to the people and the government of the country. Such violence does not have any place in the civilized society. We are standing with full solidarity with Sri Lanka.

PM Modi condemns

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the attack on the church and the hotel in Sri Lanka. PM Modi tweeted that he strongly condemned the horrific explosions in Sri Lanka. There is no room for such vandalism in our area. India stands with solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka.